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About me
Hi, my name is Jess Curning-Kuenzi. I have been photographing nature for the last 25 years. I spend as much time as possible exploring the trails, waterways and natural areas to create images that exemplify a sense of peace and tranquility. I sometimes spend hours in the same spot anticipating the perfect light. I hope that my images will help others see the beauty of nature and the need to preserve the animals and natural areas that are fundamental to our world. My subjects include landscapes, animals, waterfalls, old buildings, flowers, and anything beautiful I find on my travels. Some of my photographs are taken in the infrared spectrum of light, which is invisible to the human eye. I have a specialty converted camera that can photograph infrared light. 13 of my photographs are on permanent display at the Broadhead, WI Public Library and 18 of my photographs will be on permanent display at UW Health Eastpark Medical Center when it opens in late 2024. Select photos are available for sale at The Weidner Center, on UW Green Bay Campus.
I also create one of a kind stainless steel chainmaille jewelry. Chainmaille is made by weaving different sized metal rings around each other to form a pattern, I then take that pattern and add different sized rings, natural stones, Swarovski crystals, or delicate chains to make a unique statement piece. I use stainless steel because it is strong, durable, hypoallergenic, will never rust, tarnish, change color, or make your skin change color. My jewelry is mix of medieval, industrial, gothic and punk. Select jewelry is available for sale at The Weidner Center, on UW Green Bay Campus.
Associates Degree in Photography
Madison College (MATC)
Madison, Wisconsin
How to buy my photos
All photographs are for sale, to buy a photograph just click on it and pick a size and what surface you would like it printed on.  Photographs will be printed without my name on the photo. Photographs are available in sizes 8x10 inches up to 24x36 inches. If you want a different size please go to the contact tab and let me know what size and I will quote you a price.
Printing surfaces
You choose whether you want a photograph printed on professional photographic paper (matte finish, acid free, unframed and unmated), OR a print on a textured canvas wrapped around a 1.5 inch thick wood frame with photograph wrapped around edges (look similar to a painting), OR printed on glossy aluminum. Canvas and aluminum prints come ready to hang and don't need to be framed (see photos below for samples).  I highly recommend aluminum prints, when I display my big photographs at art fairs all are printed on aluminum because nothing looks better. They are a luxury high gloss metal fine art print which is produced using a technology called sublimation. Sublimation uses inks that are infused directly into specially coated metal sheets (aluminum panels). The result of this specialized process are printed images with stunning color, vibrancy, unrivaled resolution and a stunning glass-like luminescence finish. The image quality of aluminum prints created using this process has been tested to have a longevity of 4 times that of paper. Metal prints are also surprisingly light and have a durability that is unmatched in the fine art print world; they are scratch, fade and water resistant.
Money back guarantee
All of my work comes with a money back guarantee, if you don't like what you ordered I will refund your payment and pay to have it shipped back to me.  Send me a message on the contact page if you have any questions or you want a custom size or a photo printed on a surface not available in my store. I will quote you a price before you order.
Sorry I don't do portrait or event photography.
Front of metal print       
Back of metal Print     
Front of canvas print
Back of canvas print




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